Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara Episode 3: Join the club

This series is still pretty nice to watch. Some of the characters motivations in this episode felt a little off to me, but I think that the way the events progressed was interesting. Hitomi in particular seemed to be making active steps on her own rather than acting like a typical anime protagonist with her personality, which is refreshing to see. The mystery of Hitomi's magic also could be good? Hard to say.

It definitely took me a second to realize why this line was here. It's heavy because she's not used to 2018-era school it.

Uhh, this is a little bit creepy. Is this how magic education works in this world?

Okay, the fact that Aoi calls this painting "bold" is a pretty funny take on my impression of the art world. I still find it really impressive that a novice like Hitomi was able to get the physical appearance of the bunnies right, though. Maybe it's supposed to represent the idea that losing a sense allows you to focus on another one. Hitomi can't see color, so she's able to focus on shape more. That could be cool. I know I could never manage anything like that...

Wait, am I watching the wrong show?

This series certainly isn't being coy with its romantic pairings. I think these two go well together, but the series does make it pretty painfully obvious who's interested in whom. It's too early to tell whether that's a good thing or not.

The impact of this scene was a bit weird. Because of the magic-based world, it takes a bit for it to sink in that Hitomi shouldn't be able to walk on the water. I still liked the scene, but I thought it was odd when I was watching it. Also, I feel like I have to point out that it's a bit strange that they would have so many vials there if they only needed her to walk on water. I guess you could argue that the original model was Shou, and he could have made use of the other vials.

I'm definitely getting curious about Hitomi's magic powers. Between this scene and the end of the previous episode, the series seems to be suggesting that her magic is better than it appears to be.

Seeing Hitomi ignore the other characters after the incident at the pool did worry me a bit, but I liked how she handled the situation. She used the time alone to consider her situation before she approached the group to talk about it. That...actually seems like a pretty healthy way to approach things. I still think her reasons for not telling everyone about her colorblindness feel awkward, but I guess they're not absurd.

Woo, progress? Also, I can't help but notice that Asagi had a few moments of focus in this episode whenever Hitomi interacted with Shou. It's quite obvious that Asagi likes Shou, and Hitomi's going to be spending more time with him after this. Time to see some crazy?


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