Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai Episode 3: Defy the atmosphere

This episode was great, so I'm going for it. I'm really happy that this series is presenting its stories in arcs. I can't imagine how painful the show would have been if Sakuta and Mai had let their relationship drag out until the end. Honestly, I still think that the whole concept of the "atmosphere" is one that doesn't translate too well into English, but the concepts in this arc were entertaining nonetheless. Who knows? Maybe I'm just not social enough to get it.

I get that the sleep phenomenon is supposed to tie into the observer effect thing, but I don't really like the transient nature of it. Mai's condition just happens to be reaching its peak when she runs into Sakuta, which feels too much like convenient timing. I know it's unfair to compare to Bakemonogatari, but I preferred Hitagi's condition in its opening arc because she had already been dealing with it for so long.

Yeah, sounds scientific to me. That means it must be true! I bet the quantum physicists love this.

As I said in the opening, I'm not sure I can fully relate to the idea of atmospheres. I think I get the general idea, but I'm just not confident. From what I gather, Mai's condition comes from shared perception. It spreads because people tend to go along with others in order to avoid raising a fuss, maintaining the status quo. It's a fascinating concept for this show to represent through its Adolescence Syndrome. Personally, I know I'm guilty of that myself a lot of the time, so it hits close to home.

These two are still great together.

Woohoo? The power of love conquers all? The whole "love trumps the physical rules of the universe" idea actually reminds me a bit of Interstellar. Oh wait, I'm not supposed to make references. Spare me!

Hats off to Sakuta here. That confession was bold as hell and makes for a great scene.

This reaction is a close second. I guess we're going to be exploring new characters with different manifestations of the Adolescence Syndrome from here on out. I'm on board.

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