Fall 2018 Grab Bag Week 3: Akanesasu Shoujo, Ken en Ken

I couldn't decide which of these shows to talk about today, so I'm doing both of them. They each had their own issues, so it was hard for me to decide which one I liked more than the other.

Akanesasu Shoujo Episode 3

After the strange departure that was episode 2, this week's episode concludes that story by going back to the battles of the first episode. I think that this kind of show could be pretty interesting, but I really hope this series does something better with the parallel worlds that get visited. The way the story resolved in this episode felt mostly underwhelming to me, and I intend to explain why I say that. Also, I wonder if the excessive jargon in this series will get old.

The comedy in this episode was actually good, in my opinion. Watching the non-Nana girls get forced to sleep outside because they didn't get to merge with their parallel selves was funny. I also had no problem with the joke that Nana refused to go through with marriage because of what the marriage would do to her name.

We also finally get an explanation from Seriousuka about what she's doing, which was fairly interesting. I'm going to be really shocked if the King of Twilight doesn't eventually turn out to be the collective Asukas' missing brother. It's way too suspicious that he disappears in multiple worlds. Please don't make him a captive...I'd be annoyed to see that.

Hmm, Nana breaks away from her arranged marriage to enter the embrace of her friend, Asuka. Sounds like...

The fact that the groom was the Clutter was depressingly obvious. It also raised a lot of questions for me. Do the Clutters always infest the world gradually by assuming an identity? If so, what exactly was the endgame for this Clutter? Was he going to gain some kind of political influence by marrying Nana?

Uhh, this is neat and all, but how is this going to work out if they all have to use Seriousuka's Walkman? Are they each going to buy their own cassette player?

Ken en Ken Episode 3

This series still has the weirdest pacing. The first episode seemed like it was trying to rush through multiple stories at once, but the second episode screeches to a halt to show an extended flashback. I honestly wonder if the second episode would have worked better as an opener. Anyway, I guess things are back on track with this third episode, but I'm still not too confident I get where things are going.

I don't really get why Zhao gets lauded as a genius later in the episode after he repurposes a construct that his predecessor was working on.

I really don't understand this scene. Is it trying to say that this food wasn't in the backpack? If so, where did it come from? There's no way Yin would react this way if she recognized it as part of the stuff stored in the scroll. Can Yun just make infinite food or something?

Me: Magic hands? Where did those come from?

The show: Don't worry about it. It's just more Mujia stuff.

Ning's crisis of conscience is actually quite interesting. I like the idea that Yin contributes to it with her over-protective and self-sacrificial natures. Still, I find it really weird that it's literally given away in the OP that Ning will betray Yin and get lost in her bloodlust. I know OPs have a reputation of spoiling the show, but this one is way too obvious.

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