Double Decker! Doug and Kirill Episode 4: What exactly were the rules again?

It seems slightly cruel to come back to this series for the first non-Kirill-focused episode, but I think it's fair game given how the series generally treats him. I'm been having a lot of fun watching this series, and I think it's just because the series focuses on comedy that utilizes heavy misdirection. Heck, even this episode starts with the revelation that Derick is alive, despite heavy suggestions that he'd died in his investigation.

I think it says something about me that I generally dislike narrators, but I don't mind this narrator who blatantly lies to me every episode.

The introduction of Kay as a straight-laced isn't super surprising, but I guess she works well with Deana. It is a bit interesting that she's a rookie attempting to boss around her more experienced partner.

I love this scene for all of the stuff going on. The best part is seeing Kirill on the side peek out to join the conversation and immediately decide to pretend to sleep after seeing Kay.

Well, what's wrong with that? Tell me!

I don't particularly agree with the idea of using someone from Kay's past to betray her when we know nothing about her. That kind of thing loses impact when you have no way of seeing the double-cross coming in my eyes. That being said, the idea of using the mortality rate of Anthem to manipulate junkies is actually kind of an interesting concept. I mean, it's totally reprehensible, but it's a cool idea?


It's not really relevant to this episode, but the way Doug trolls Kirill is amazing. It might be my favorite part of the series.

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