SSSS.Gridman Episode 2: The sandwich's legacy must live on

I wasn't expecting it, but this week's episode was a lot more entertaining than the previous episode. I think the introduction of the main antagonist is part of the reason, but I'm guessing my biggest concern with last week's episode was how much the show focused on Yuuta's amnesia. In the second episode, it's much less prevalent, which really helped me enjoy watching it.

I still don't forgive the ridiculous pause in the first episode, but I'm glad it was actually important. The volleyball players who die are the ones who destroyed the sandwich, which is the reason Akane unleashes the kaiju in the first place. I guess I'll take it?

I also like how the sandwich scene opens up the path for Yuuta to realize that Akane is at least involved in the kaiju business. With this statement about "doing lunch again", she reveals to him that she remembers what happened the previous day. I'm hoping this scene comes into play later, even if it's a misdirection where Akane pretends to be an ally.

Also, this guy is a character now. I think it's pretty funny that he gets caught on doors because of the swords on his back, but I don't know what to make of him yet.

I'm really curious about the fact that the dead students end up rewriting history so that they're dead in the past. I wonder if there's supposed to be some significance to it. It could just be a convenient way to get rid of them without disrupting the timeline. Alternatively, I think it would be cool if their "death" corresponds to when they meet Akane. If they went to the same middle school as Akane, then it could be a cool second clue to Akane's identity as the kaiju creator.

I find it really hard to be mad at her.

I actually don't understand this scene at all. I guess it makes sense that fighting as Gridman would be dangerous for Yuuta, but Shou's sudden concern when the city is in danger almost feels out-of-character. He didn't seem to have any problems last week. What changed his mind? I don't think what we know about Gridman has changed too much from the previous episode.

The Gridman Beam was defeated pretty easily. Are we going to get another kaiju who resists the sword or is this just a one-off?

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