Release the Spyce First Impressions (1): Very spicy

Cute girls doing cute spy things commences. You know, I didn't even question the "spyce" part of the name, so the whole thing with spices acting as powerups was a surprise. I'm still not sure how seriously to take the series, but the first episode was pretty fun to watch. Part of me wishes that the series had a more grounded setting, but I can roll with the "near future" setting it seems to have. The setup seems a bit simplistic, though, with the main characters taking on a fairly generic bad guy syndicate threatening the town. But it's still early, so I'm curious to see where it goes.

I shudder to think what the explanation behind the spice thing will be, but I think it's fairly reasonable mechanic. I'll be curious to see how each spice contributes to each character's personality, but I'm not confident I could identify them based on the brief glimpses we got in the first episode (besides the cinnamon stick).

Momo's story in this series seems fine. The fear of being able to handle her preferred job is understandable, and it could make for decent series of developments for her. Also, this scene with her going through the school day was pretty funny.

Ahh, such subtle yuri undertones. Those are always effective.

Sure, let's pretend that's possible.

Seeing Momo rise to the occasion when her friend is in danger makes for a pretty natural turn of events. It was kind of funny to see how quickly Momo abandons her bluff after she takes the pictures of the bad guys. If she had already sent the pictures to the police as she had claimed, it shouldn't have mattered if the phone was destroyed.

I'm a little annoyed about the convenient memory-erasing bullets. It makes the "stealth" aspect of the supposed spies seem a lot less relevant. And honestly, it makes them seem a little bit lazy with the way they run around with their hoods off for the majority of the episode.

Hmm...a traitor in the organization could be cool, depending on how obvious the traitor's identity is. I wasn't really looking for clues in this scene. Maybe I already missed the reveal.

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