Double Decker! Doug and Kirill First Impressions (1): Well, it's definitely not taking itself seriously


I'll get around to watching the second episode later, but I'm already enjoying this series from the first episode. It's goofy enough that the show seems like it will always be fun, and I'm intrigued enough by the premise. New guy teams up with the veteran cop to investigate superpowered drug users. Seems pretty simple.


I personally think the "phases" are a bit too silly for me. Given how the boss's personality is described later, I guess coming up with them makes sense. I'm just not a fan of randomly adding that extra jargon into the premise.

That being said, I thought the action sequence in the beginning wasn't bad. I just think it's a bit weird showing Doug fail to hit the target when he's supposed to be the "Veteran".


I thought that the misdirection in the opening was good. Most of the drama gets diffused pretty quickly, and it keeps things light. Also, have I mentioned how cool the backgrounds look in this series? It's like some kind of future London or something.


I'm kind of glad that the "revenge plot" surrounding Derick is resolved quickly and doesn't take up too much of the story. It does make me wonder if he needed to be included at all. It seemed like it was just meant to show why Doug didn't have a partner, but the episode ends with Pink getting her own partner. I don't see why it was necessary.


Personally, I think the narrator voice guy is kind of annoying. He does contribute a lot to the humor in the series, so I'm not too sure how strongly I feel about it.


The time traveler bit was pretty funny despite how random it was. It even sounded like there was an homage to the Terminator theme playing in the background too, so I thought it was a great scene.


All in all, I'm curious to see where this series. I don't think it would get boring to watch, and the world seems interesting.

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