Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken First Impressions (1): Don't bully the dragon!

Okay, time to kick things off with the fall season. I was looking forward to this series because I read the manga. The setup's pretty simple, with a guy reincarnated as a slime in another world, but it's a fun series to follow. This first episode seemed promising to me. I liked the portrayal of the reincarnation and the interjections from the Voice of Divine Wisdom were nice.

Although it's something that gets lost as the series goes on, I do quite like the idea that the main character's slime form and skills are determined by the thoughts he has as he's dying. It's an interesting twist on the isekai situation and serves to add some logic to his condition.

I can only respect this man's priorities.

I don't actually mind the jumpy image cuts throughout the episode. They make sense with the idea that the main character can't see anything, and they strangely remind me of the Monogatari series. I personally find the jumps to a more "realistic" image, like this one, to be especially jarring, but what can you do?

I think the imposing nature of Verudora works well with his personality later, but I think this scene would have been more effective if Verudora was more amorphous before teaching the main character how to use Magic Sense. The "shocking reveal" to the main character is supposed to be the fact that Verudora is a dragon, so it might have been nice if the audience could share in that revelation.

Tsundere dragon is...surprisingly effective. That entire scene is pretty hilarious.

Well, I'm curious to see how this adaptation turns out, and I was pleased with the first episode. I can't remember enough about the series to figure out what the significance of the opening scene in the episode is supposed to mean. Maybe I should reread some stuff...

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