Hataraku Saibou Final Episode (13): Time to bring in the reinforcements

I'm sad to see this series go because it was pretty consistently fun to watch. The final episode does a good job of portraying the severity of the injury while bringing it back to the comedic tone of the series to finish things off. I think it would have been cool to take a look outside of the body to see how all of these diseases fit together, but maybe it's too early for that.

This scene is an interesting take on oxygen delivery. In a typical human scenario, you would expect oxygen-deprived people to swarm the two people holding boxes of oxygen. In the body, though, the cells can't do that, and can only wait until the red blood cells deliver oxygen. As we see, the cells can only bemoan their situation until Red Blood Cell decides to intervene.

While I get that it's a desperate situation, I do agree with Kouhai that it's a fairly irresponsible for Red Blood Cell to drag her along on dangerous assignments. It's not like Kouhai agreed to do it.

Excellent use of platelets.

I really loved the portrayal of the transfusion, especially the way the new red blood cells were confused at their surroundings. It captures the idea of the transfusion really well. I personally think it might have been interesting to see a white blood cell attempt to attack one of the new red blood cells to simulate an autoimmune response, but I can accept that it might not fit the tone of the series.

The series finishes strong with some excellent facial expressions.

Final Score: 8/10 Repetitive at times, but overall a fun and lighthearted take on the tragic state of a sick body.

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