Steins;Gate 0 Final Episode (23): Bringing it all around

This finale really had me hyped up while I was watching, and the final scene was just amazing. This series took its time getting started, but the ending has been a great ride. The tie-in with the original series was done well, and I'm reasonably confident that discrepancies I could have thought of were covered.

This might be a weird comment, but I felt like this series was one that punished me a lot more for watching as it aired than I can notice in other series. Because of the way certain episodes start and end, I could end up being totally lost when I started watching an episode after a week had passed. Just a random thought.

You know, this episode had me thinking that Kagari would jump in front of the missile and somehow chop it in half in this world line. Still, I have no complaints with what actually happened. The actual events make more sense given how convergence works.

I have no specific comment, but this screenshot is pretty epic.

I've been confused about Operation Arclight for the longest time, and this scene finally made it all click in my head. I couldn't remember a second Mayuri in the original series, and I couldn't think of an explanation for the lack of a second time machine. Turns out, it's as easy as using a cell phone and shooting the second time machine into the aether.

I'm actually curious about this scene. Would it really cause a paradox? If my understanding of how time travel works in the Steins;Gate world is correct, then I think it would be fine. I vaguely recall a line about the impossibility of two time machines in the same place, but I still stand behind my assessment.

I'm okay with a surviving Kagari. She deserves a break from being used as a time agent.

This scene is easily my favorite scene in the episode. This type of scene really suits a character like Kyouma, and it's a great resolution for Mayuri and Suzuha. I couldn't really have asked for more.

Final Score: 8/10 Solid for a VN adaptation. It's hard to talk about this series without comparing it to the original, but I did like how the series expanded on some of the time travel concepts in ways that weren't mentioned before.

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