Summer 2018 Grab Bag Week 12: Hataraku Saibou

I actually quite liked this week's episode, and it wasn't completely because the episode starts with a lighthearted premise only to get super serious. I thought that Red Blood Cell's character growth was demonstrated well by giving her a rookie to teach.

I'm a little bit skeptical about the newbie, since she's introduced with so little time left in the series. It seems like there's not much time for her to really do much with the time remaining, especially since there's a catastrophe going on. Still, her role of putting the spotlight on how much Red Blood Cell has changed is pretty effective.

While it's true that Red Blood Cell continues to struggle with directions, her various encounters have led her to learn a lot about her fellow cells. I like the way that's demonstrated in this episode, as she's shown being fully comfortable with every cell she encounters while the newbie is weirded out.

I have no idea how to unpack the concept of a red blood cell covered in blood.

And then everything goes wrong. This series has already proven that it doesn't kill cells (that aren't germs), so I don't really feel any worry about the red blood cells. I'm curious to see how a show like this ends. Probably just "life goes on", right?

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