Happy Sugar Life Episode 11: Putting the plan together

I strangely found this episode entertaining despite how crazy it gets. Though, that's not really saying much given how this show has been. Still, I thought that Asahi's mental breakdown was interesting, and Satou's relationship with her aunt was handled well. We got a pretty good sense of what's really going on with Satou's aunt, but I personally would have liked to see it explained more.

I like the idea that Asahi drifts closer to his father after he snaps and finally decides to do whatever it takes to save Shio. It's a bit silly that he let Taiyou go without any sort of insurance. I guess it makes sense given that he's new to the torturing business.

There's a really weird irony in the fact that Satou despises her aunt so much, but has no one else she can trust to help her escape with Shio. From the conversation, I feel like I can reasonably grasp how Satou's aunt operates. Her injuries come from her apparent willingness to let her sexual partners treat her however they like. However, she's still dominant enough to lure them in. I wonder how that works.

Just a small thing, but you probably shouldn't insult or belittle the person you're trying to get to help you.

I'm really curious to see where these preparations go in the final episode. The gasoline seems to indicate that the fire was always part of Satou's plan, but it clearly has to go wrong somewhere.

I know that this is a tragic scene where Taiyou gets caught up with possibly the worst adult woman he could possibly have found given his phobia. I just...really loved how it was set up. I remembered that the apartment with Shio was one much higher up in the complex, so I knew that Taiyou had gotten the address of Satou's aunt. So, watching him betray Asahi only to have it come back against him in the most cruel way was just amazing to watch unfold.

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