Satsuriku no Tenshi Episode 12: Shocking truth!

If this is truly the end of the TV release, then it was a really cruel cliffhanger to end on. This episode felt a bit strange to me, because it seemed like the tension and focus was pointed at the wrong things. Gray's big reveal seemed like it should have been the important takeaway from the episode, but the episode itself seems to shift all of its attention to Danny (someone I really don't like).

I actually think it's hilarious that Rachel's begging here makes her seem more normal. She sounds like a standard teenage girl who has embarrassed herself somehow.

Didn't Danny want to kill Rachel to steal her eyes? Is this some extension of his character where he now wants to see Rachel's eyes react to Zack figuring out her secret?

Watching Zack brute force through the puzzles was pretty entertaining.

The reveal that Gray apparently set up this entire murder house was way too casual. I mean, I guess it makes sense that Rachel's faith is being tested by him.

So far, nothing in Rachel's past seems particularly weird. Sure, she's implicated in her parents' murders, but Zack shouldn't have a problem with that. So, Zack is clearly reacting to something else in the news report that's been hidden from us, but I don't really have a good guess as to what would cause him to recoil.

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