Angolmois - Genkou Kassenki Episode 11: That kinda fell apart

Okay, this week's episode was much more of a bloodbath than I expected. I understand that we're near the end, but the episode itself really felt like it was trying to cram in as many deaths as possible. As a result, the pacing of the episode ended up feeling weird, and many of the characters seemed to shafted as a result.

When I saw the Magistrate constantly sending people away from the south gate, I was pretty sure he was intentionally trying to sacrifice himself. I saw this scene and thought that he was clearly trying to save Jinzaburou. It would have been nice to see more of that, but he doesn't really get the time.

In the end, his death wasn't the worst it could be, but it gets a bit lost in the chaos. Tatsu's death right before his kind of messes with things, since she didn't have any impact as a character overall.

I really wish I could believe Onitakemaru's change of heart. Based on what we saw in the previous episode, I can only conclude that he returned to help because he had no chance of making it past the Mongol reinforcements. That reason itself isn't a bad thing if he proves himself more after he comes back, but we don't really get anything more.

While this is clearly a death flag, I find it interesting that we don't actually see Onitakemaru die in this episode. It feels like an anomaly in an episode where everyone else is dying, so I'm inclined to believe that Onitakemaru betrays everyone. I've suspected that he was a traitor from the beginning, so maybe I'm just biased.

Seriously, who is this guy and why is he getting a backstory now?

I guess an episode with so much death would need to end by crushing all hope. Still, everyone knows that an anime character who falls into water is immune to death.

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