Happy Sugar Life Episode 10: More confessions

Well, I think this series is still doing a pretty good job. This episode did a pretty good job of covering the gaps in the story's past, and gave Shio an interesting role in the show herself. I say interesting mostly because I didn't expect her to become Satou's accomplice. This is a crazy ride.

I liked the way the show drew parallels between Satou and Shio's mother while showing Shio's past. It really does a good job of showing how similar Satou is to Shio's mother, as we've seen Satou similarly show multiple versions of herself that are wildly different. The similarities also explain why Shio becomes scared and goes off on Satou later.

Truck-kun, please...

While I was watching Shio's flashbacks, I had a curious thought that maybe Shio's jar was the one that breaks, rather than her mother's jar. It would have made for an interesting twist, and Shio could have ended up running from her mother as a result. That being said, I'm fine with the way things turn out, and I like the ambiguous jar crack in this scene.

The fact that a child like Shio can come up with the idea that she didn't truly love her mother is...oddly impressive. I can't tell whether to pass it off as an immature thought or truly believe it.

So much for keeping Shio normal...

Hey, Asahi. What are you planning to do with that bat there? Should we get the popcorn?

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