Satsuriku no Tenshi Episode 11: Finding God

This episode was kind of strange, mostly because I didn't get the sense that Rachel had changed too much after her mental battle with Gray. Maybe I'm missing some hidden significance in her declaration that Zack is her god, which is undeniably an interesting way to "defeat" Gray. Anyway, I think the TV release is close to its end, so I guess we're going to end on something unsatisfying.

Gray is certainly his own kind of crazy, but I respect him for at least seeming to have his act together most of the time. Eddie was dramatically obsessing, while Cathy and Danny are more generically insane. In comparison, Gray seems like a break from the absurd.

I'm a little sad about how the hallucinogen is ultimately handled, since Rachel just calls everything an illusion and moves on. Still, I do appreciate the fact that she returns to her sense after cutting herself with Zack knife. It's a common trope for breaking illusions, but it's used in a subtle way that I liked.

In the end, it seems Rachel still has the same outlook of only killing those in her way.

The revelation that Gray care for Zack is a bit weird. From his conversations with Rachel, it seemed more like he cared about everyone else except her. Didn't he call Danny and Eddie sweet boys or something?

While I'm not a fan of the idea that the truth needs to be ripped out of Rachel, I'm interested to see how this floor goes. It seems like it's finally Rachel's turn to be the floor master.

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