Random Impressions Summer 2018 (Week 10): Hataraku Saibou

I wanted to talk about this episode specifically because it felt like it stood out to me while I was watching. I wasn't sure if it's a common thing in this series that I've been ignoring before now, but this episode felt like it was falling into a lot of repetition.

I'm mostly fine with the monocyte side of the story in this episode. Sure, it's just reintroducing the macrophages yet again, but at least the episode is saying that there's another cool side to them.

Wait, are those stick figures supposed to be actual cells or are they just an effect to add to the explosion? If they're actually cells, then that's pretty funny.

Is it just me or did this episode seem to have a lot of scenes that looped on themselves? By that, I mean the scene would should White Blood Cell charging across the screen only to reset and have him do it again. Is that new? I never really paid much attention to that before this episode, but it seemed a lot more common.

I think a few lines from White Blood Cell could have recapped the previous staph infection incident effectively. I'm not a fan of doing a full flashback to something that didn't seem to add much.

Having the staph infection use the fibrin that defeated it in the previous episode was a good way to build on the previous attack. It makes this infection at least feel a little unique (along with the Voltron transformation), so I don't really have an issue with it.

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