Steins;Gate 0 Episode 21: The grand return

This week's episode felt like a pretty good payoff for everything that has been set up so far. Kyouma's return was awesome, and the beginning of the episode did a good job of illustrating everything Rintarou has to go through to get him back. Also, the three thousand time leaps Rintarou does in this episode are a good callback to his endless time leaps when he tried to save Mayuri the first time. Still, these cliffhangers are getting out of hand...

Amadeus Kurisu is still Kurisu, I suppose.

I really like this little moment where Rintarou praises Maho for being able to go further than Kurisu was able to go with the time leap machine. She deserves it.

I have a bit of a problem with this scene, even if it's a small one. Similar to when Daru talks about his own future creating the time machine, I have an issue when people take the future they know as a given. Plus, the other lab members even told Rintarou that his time leaps could change the future and kill himself. Still, I can mostly accept this as Amadeus trying to appeal to Rintarou's emotional side to calm him down.

Big moments.

Seeing Rintarou bring things together was pretty nice, but that's honestly not what surprised me the most about this scene. Can we talk about how Mr. Braun is shown seemingly having taken down Kagari non-lethally by himself? We saw Kagari chop some dude's head off with her hand, so

These cliffhangers are so merciless. It's hard for me to guess where things would go, since there are still enough episodes left for Rintarou to time travel yet again. That being said, this goes back to something I said earlier about futility.

Given that we saw Rintarou "beat" his own convergence point earlier in the episode, it would seem pretty weak if he fails to do it for Mayuri in the end. There's also the possibility that a later episode reveals that the time machine always makes it to the past despite the missile, so I'm kind of waiting for that.

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