Planet With Episode 10: Skip to the important parts

For a big, climactic fight, this week's episode was still a lot of fun to watch. It had all of the intensity of the big fight, but it definitely had an added lightness to it as well. The episode even opens with the Generalissimo childishly creating a giant hologram to show off when accepting Souya's challenge.

It's also hilarious that Sensei is having such an important battle but still stops to point out that they've been drinking the cat beer a bit too much. It's something they didn't really acknowledge in the recent battles, so it's a pretty funny touch. Also, I think it's great that the Generalissimo has such varied attack names while Souya just keeps shouting "Giga Cat Hammer".

As always, the series does a great job of expanding the fighting past the combat itself. The combat looks great, but the conversations are almost always the true stars of the fights. The respect that Sensei and the Generalissimo have for each other is great to see.

The old man's return was a little bit random, but I'm still glad to see him finally giving his take on things. His actions seemed a little bit ambiguous for my taste. I feel like you could interpret his actions as showing that he realizes that the Generalissimo was the true culprit behind his son's death. But you could also say that he really does dislike Souya for killing his son, but he's accepted it knowing that he wishes to help the Pacifist side.

At the end of the day, the clog is too strong.

Shiraishi is surprisingly cute.

The way that this series handles pacing is actually kind of fitting. A week passes in an instant after the Generalissimo proposes some rest time, and the five years before the dragon's awakening is also skipped through. It's so jarring that it's actually a bit funny.

I also think it's interesting that not everyone has woken up. Is this just meant to show that each person is growing out of their happy fantasy at a different rate? That's kind of cool if that's the case.

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