Happy Sugar Life Episode 9: Time for the endgame

Wow, I really wasn't expecting this series to escalate so sharply. That was a crazy ride of an episode. It felt like it was telegraphing itself in the first half of the episode, but I wasn't prepared at all for where it went. Well, I'm certainly looking forward to seeing what comes next. This is where things get fun, right?

I was definitely prepared to get on Asahi's case for somehow having the family detector to keep him from leaving, but he rebukes Taiyou's lies rationally despite his mental state. Plus, he ends up leaving anyway.

I like that the series pushes Asahi's personal fear of finding a bad ending for Shio. It actually builds on the tragedy nicely because his willingness to face it inevitably pushes Shouko towards her own ending.

You know, I was fully expecting Asahi to be the one to meet a bad end when he and Shouko expressed their feelings for each other in the first half of the episode. There's no way a pairing like that ends well. I was probably blinded by the fact that I don't feel like Shouko deserves the tragedy, but I guess it makes more sense. But yeesh...it seems like nothing good ever happens when Satou lets Shio leave the apartment.

The montage at the end was a bit strange. It's always hard to watch when no words are said, but that might just contribute to the eerie tone it was meant to have. The song and the hug make it seem like maybe Shouko is getting through to Satou, even if it's pretty clear where things are going. The brutality of Shouko's death was pretty crazy too.

Honestly, this final scene saves the episode for me. While I liked the way Shouko's death is portrayed, I still feel like she as a character least deserves a wasted death. The fact that she's able to get the picture to Asahi adds a great layer to the development. It's tragic that the courage she gets from Asahi gets her killed, but she dies thinking that she's finally brought him closer to his own happiness.

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