Satsuriku no Tenshi Episode 10: Couldn't we have solved this with a duck instead?

Honestly, this episode wasn't the most enjoyable to watch. The witch trial itself seemed a bit too abstract for me, so it was hard to follow along and really stay attentive. At this point, I honestly just think it would be cool if Rachel killed Gray way back when she first hallucinated, and she's just been having hallucinated conversations with him because of timed gas clouds.

Gray as a character really feels like he's just trying to get at the question of why Rachel cares so much about the promise to God, but he's been dragging it on a bit long for my taste. I guess the witch trial is meant to prove that God wouldn't care about Rachel's promise regardless of whether she truly made it to God or not.

So many colors...

The trial itself just seems so...strange. I'm sure I'm just missing something obvious, but it started to feel ridiculous. I don't particularly have a problem with letting the characters twist Rachel's past intentions, but I thought that last week's episode was meant to force you to question Rachel's previous actions. Why do it again this week?

To be fair, the different characters get a chance to show off their different personalities some more. It does a decent job of demonstrating the range of people in the facility.


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