Angolmois - Genkou Kassenki Episode 9: Defend the gates

I thought this week's episode handle the warring parts pretty well. If anything, I'm still not sure I can fully buy into the whole traitor thing, but it seems to be going somewhere that could be cool. I respect the show for making the two sides of the fight seem reasonable in comparison to each other. The Mongols are the invaders and the bad guys, but they're not painted as "evil".

Honestly, Jinzaburou's strategies might be my favorite parts of this series. They always seem reasonable, effective, and simple. They don't come off as grand schemes that shock you with their creativity as you might expect to see in a war series.

Weekly complaint about the still screenshots that keep getting used for the larger battles. Come on, I want to see the fighting at least a little bit.

Well, at least you get to see Shiraishi struggling with his decision a bit.

I honestly don't know why you wouldn't just immediately suspect Shiraishi with what you said last week. He specifically offered to go to the west wall.

I'm not sure how to feel about this part of the episode. The fact that the old dude is already waiting at the citadel to burn it down suggests that they just always have this contingency in case the citadel gets attacked. It doesn't suggest any sort of forethought for this specific battle. I might be reading too much into it, though.

I probably should have picked up on this earlier, but I get the sense that this Mongol general is meant to be a contrast to Jinzaburou, who has also been described as someone unwilling to lose soldiers easily. I guess he's supposed to be a slightly more depraved version of Jinzaburou or something?

Again, I'm not too sure what to make of Shiraishi's betrayal. It seems largely squandered, but this development at the end might be okay depending on where it goes. You could argue that someone as devoted as Shiraishi would be more willing to commit to the betrayal once he's started, so this behavior makes a lot more sense.

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