Planet With Episode 9: Earth stands still

This series is still going strong for me. I really enjoyed watching this episode and seeing how far Souya's come as a character. I'm a little bit disappointed that Souya didn't fight alongside the Earthlings in the big fight, but there are at least two more opportunities for that to happen. He still has to fight the dragon and the dog, after all. Looking forward to seeing how it goes.

Wow, that was a pretty fast turnaround for explaining why Benika was seeing a dream similar to the ones shown by the sealing devices. I was definitely wondering that when I watched the opening scene.

It's not super surprising that the meek Yosuke ended up being the most difficult opponent in the end, but I like how his character was developed. We get a good sense of why he's fighting, having seen the happiness of the sealed Benika, and he serves as a decent contrast to Souya, who also lost his older brother.

Well, I definitely wasn't expecting Yosuke to seal the entire planet, but it was a pretty good way to spur Souya into action.

This statement was a bit weird, and I kind of want it to mean something more than just an offhand comment.

Souya's progress as a character has been pretty fun to watch. He starts as an alien with no interest in Earth, but uses the personal tragedy of his home to reach out after realizing how many Earthlings he's befriended. Using the same line as Nozomi was a little bit cheesy, but it works overall. I was really excited to watch Souya give his speech.

Also, the fact that Nezuya's no longer sealed makes things interesting. He deserves his own shot at the spotlight.

This scene was great too. Souya's pretty much paying back the Earthlings who fought for him by showing up to fight for them. Also, I was really worried when he showed up with the mask, since it felt like he had no use to hide anymore. I was glad to see him take it off.

At the end of the day, Yosuke's position is understandable, which makes for a better overall encounter.

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