Happy Sugar Life Episode 8: Even the past

I'm always happy to see more context, so it was nice to see more of Satou's past. Still, I was hoping for some more normalcy, but it seems even the flashbacks aren't safe from the crazy in this series. The rest of the episode seemed like interesting setup as well, but I'm still a bit skeptical. This series is great at throwing me off, though, so I look forward to seeing where things.

Well, I suppose this question makes sense since Satou was just coming off of a string of boyfriends. Yeesh, I totally fell for the idea that the artist was just an innocent victim that Satou killed to be together with Shio. I completely forgot that the characters in this series aren't allowed to be normal.

Wait, how did Ensho from the Holmes show get in this series? The artist's sudden attitude shift makes a lot more sense now.


Oh, Taiyou...you were so close. I almost believed that you could be normal, but that is not the kind of show this is.

Huh, I guess the healing headpats run in the family.

I'm really curious to see how Taiyou manages to get rid of Asahi. Even if he sends Asahi on a wild goose chase "one prefecture over", I don't see how that solves Satou's problem. That only buys her about a week, right? I guess it's possible that Asahi completely refocuses his search, so maybe it's good enough. I'm really hoping Shoko ends up screwing up Taiyou's plan, though.

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