Satsuriku no Tenshi Episode 9: What is real?

I know Rachel had a pretty big meltdown in this episode, but I had trouble staying attentive while watching. Maybe it's the combination of the elevator backtracking and Zack's condition making him seem more lethargic. It just feels like things are grinding to a halt, at least as far as I can see.

Didn't Danny start his obsession with Rachel before she became emotionless? I guess there was that moment when she shifts, but this still seems a bit sketchy.

I get the feeling that this won't amount to much since we can't necessarily trust Gray's evaluation of Danny. Still, I almost want Gray to be right. Wouldn't it be really cool if Rachel was just messing with all of the floor masters without realizing it?

Once again, I'm assuming that Gray is intentionally distorting things to guilt Rachel, but I'm kind of on his side.

Well, that's a rare interesting question from Zack. I actually would have liked to see where this conversation goes. if the snake is real, what does that mean about the other illusions Rachel has been seeing? Did she see a fake snake that looked like the real snake? I guess she slashed the painting of the snake in the previous episode, so she could have known what it looked like. That's actually not bad.

That gun didn't last long. Also, Zack has been bleeding out for like three episodes now.

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