Random Impressions Summer 2018 (Week 8): Yama no Susume S3

I'm going to call this an update post disguised as an anime review. I think I'm obliged to start this post by saying I think you should watch Yama no Susume, the anime in question. I know I'm biased because I have a general interest in hiking and climbing mountains, but I think the series also has a fun message of overcoming adversity, even if it's painful. The journey may be difficult, but the view at the top can be very cathartic.

The series is technically a short, since the episodes are half-length, but I always find them entertaining. I'm definitely not using that as an excuse to make this post "half-length" as well. I think the show largely appeals to me because Aoi is not a very outdoorsy person on her own, and I'm kind of the same. Not bad for a lower time investment.

On a (somehow) related note, I'm going to be on vacation for most of the month of September, so my blogging schedule is likely to change depending on my network situation overseas. For those who are curious, I'll be going across Europe, hopefully getting some nice hiking in on the way. I'd be happy to give more detail in comments or DMs if people are still curious.

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