Summer 2018 Grab Bag Week 8: Hataraku Saibou

This week's episode goes back to being more of a heartwarming episode. While I thought episode was pretty cute, I didn't really get the message. I think it's great that White Blood Cell got to learn the hardships of Red Blood Cell's job, but she seemed to gain little given how much she was helped through the day.

I guess you could argue that she gained confidence in herself, and that she managed to persevere through the job despite the hiccups. It's not like she did nothing, but her base problem is still there. As such, I still have trouble figuring out how she gets anything done.

Eight episodes about a red blood cell's life before we finally get to the heart.

I suppose you could say that White Blood Cell learned something from his encounter with the cancer cell, so he's no longer blindly following his role like the other cells. I'm really not sure, but this punch felt like a weird scene.

All said and done, I legitimately enjoyed this scene at the end where Red Blood Cell gets to tell White Blood Cell about her day.

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