Happy Sugar Life Episode 7: Insane dodge

This series really makes me want to stop speculating and allow myself to get swept up in the ride. I really enjoy the way it messes with expectations, and this week's episode really handled its creepy vibe nicely. I was glad to finally see what was going on with Satou's aunt. Plus, it's just genuinely fun to watch Satou get out of crazy scenarios.

The teacher's imagined scenario to describe Satou's past was really interesting, but I was spending the entire episode hoping it wasn't the case. It felt too much like something that would happen in the heat of the moment, and Satou strikes me as the planning type.

Part of me wanted the teacher to get busted for stalking Satou here, only to have her throw the blame at him. Still, the episode ended up taking things somewhere I couldn't have come up with myself.

Blue crazy eyes to mirror Satou's red crazy eyes- wait, she's still alive??

The fact that the aunt has a locked room that mirrors Satou's locked room is great for serving multiple purposes. It's an added layer of misdirection even though it's pretty obvious that this is a different apartment at this point, and it also acts as a way to show the aunt's influence on Satou herself.

Oh, right...because you'd plug in- uhh, nothing.

I don't know what to make of this scene. If it means the reversal in roles that I think it means, it could be really interesting. Is the locked room really the aunt's room? It feels weird for her to comment on the smell if she's always there. Or maybe there's just another person involved. Introducing an abusive male figure seems like it would be overkill, though.

Poor Shouko...she feels like such a bad person for making the right choice. Run away from the crazy!

Yes, tell me more. I want to see this background story.

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