Satsuriku no Tenshi Episode 8: Attack of the ghosts

Once again, I was mostly fine with this week's episode. I felt like the sudden shift to Zack's story was a bit annoying, since I just want to know what Gray's game is, but I thought the story itself was interesting. The reversal of showing Rachel's disregard for anyone in her way while humanizing Zack makes for an intriguing turn of events.

I've been really curious about Gray since he was introduced. So far, he seems a lot more levelheaded than the other floor masters have been, so I'm almost hoping there's not much more to him. I get that sense that I'll be really disappointed if he just ends up acting like the rest.

Was he?

Please tell me there's more to this than the simple reveal that everything is an illusion later. Honestly, I think there was a missed opportunity here. Rachel has been seen false manifestations of the other characters, but Danny was the one we knew was still alive (it was hinted at when Zack and Rachel left his floor). It's later confirmed that Danny goes to harass Zack, but it would have been cool if he had shown up in front of Rachel. There could have been a whole thing where Rachel can't tell he's actually real this time after the visions she's seen.

Well, boys will be boys?

You know, I honestly thought Zack would just kill the guy and call it a day, but I was happily surprised with where this story went.

I mean, I'll take it. This scene adds a tragic element to Zack's past while also giving him a reason for his enjoyment of killing people with certain expressions.

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