Steins;Gate 0 Episode 19: Back to the past

I'm happy that the series finally seems to be ramping up. The reintroduction of the time leaps was something I really wasn't expecting, and I'm looking forward to seeing more. My only worry is that this stuff is coming a bit late in the series, so I'm not sure how everything is going to get resolved by the end. Seeing World War III is starting to feel like a dream.

Good on Daru for calling Rintarou out on his hypocrisy. Daru's really been great in the past few episodes as the reasonable one.

I also really appreciate that Maho swallows her pride when she realizes everything is at stake. I thought it was a bit strange that she seemed to walk back on it later in the episode, but I thought this scene was great. She and Daru really outdid Rintarou in this episode.

Woo? Amadeus is back?

The time leap machine construction montage is super random. Still, it's pretty cool to see the time leap mechanic back in business.

Professor Reyes is the most random reveal in this episode. I guess she's supposed to be the original masked figure that was hinted at for so long, but it feels like we should have seen more of her. That being said, Rintarou did time leap again, so it's possible that she will have another chance to be relevant.

Well, this line feels like a misdirection. Now that I think about it, this series has had a lot of misdirection.

Oh crap...he broke time.

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