Planet With Episode 7: The battle for love?

This week's episode finally revealed a lot of the missing background for this series, and it was a lot more intriguing than I could have hoped for. This may have been my favorite episode so far. The show seems to make a lot more sense now, and the direction seems pretty clear. The big bad has been dealt with, and now the series seems to shift towards a more philosophical question. I'm really looking forward to seeing where it goes.

I like this idea of introducing the people of Sirius as a militaristic race and then paralleling their rise with humanity. It's certainly not crazy to think that humans might use psychic powers for militaristic gain, so the concern is somewhat justified.

Even if the dragon took things too far, you can kind of see where it was coming from. Also, you can see that same behavior mirrored in Takashi in the first half of the series. It's pretty cool.

This might be the best and most convincing "he's the chosen one" setup I've ever seen.

It was a really small part of the episode, but I really liked the fact that Souya downplayed the fact that he regained his memories. He could have caused a fuss, but he instead becomes a bit more appreciative of his benefactors after remembering what they did for him.

You're looking a little bit different there, Shiraishi.

The fact that Shiraishi's hypnosis doesn't work here was way funnier than it should have been.

Another faction! Again, this revelation makes things interesting. I'm curious whether it's meant to create an easy enemy to defeat. It would be better if the People of Paradise posed a separate problem. However, I suspect that they might exist just so humanity can point to them as the reason why psychic powers are dangerous, so the Nebula Soldiers agree to join the human side.

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