Happy Sugar Life Episode 6: The investigation is escalating

This series is continuing to be an enjoyable watch despite the craziness. It's really interesting see how the characters build off of each other. I get the feeling that every pair of characters has a unique interaction, which is really cool.

Well, I guessed that Taiyou would blackmail Satou into letting him see Shio, but it seems like I got things reversed. So close...

Shouko's progression in this episode is cool, but they kind of glossed over the fact that the other girl was missing from work. The way Satou talks about her, it almost sounds like they collectively know about a tragedy that befell her. What did I miss?

I really want Shio to have a dark side to her as well. I'm still hoping to see it. I mean, their mother had to go nuts for a reason, right?

The contrast between Asahi's perception of his mother and Shio's own perspective is interesting to see.

I like the fact that Shouko draws on Satou's influence to confront Satou about everything. There's a bit of irony in that fact.

Good on Shouko for finally asking Satou, but I can't help feeling like things can't go well for Shouko. I was expecting Satou to come up with another lie, similar to what we saw last week, but the fact that she's inviting Shouko to her home makes it pretty unlikely. Given that we see the teacher continuing to investigate Satou, I get the sense that he's meant to bust her. That means Shouko either agrees to cover for Satou or...something happens to Shouko.

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