Satsuriku no Tenshi Episode 7: The purple mist attacks

The first half of the episode was a bit of a trip, but I think this week's episode seemed intriguing overall. I feel like most of the symbolism has been lost on me, but shifting the focus to Rachel to force her to take more aggressive action seems to work. I'm a little worried that this floor will end up being oversimplified as an illusion, but we'll see.

You think?

It's kind of interesting that the illusion seems to be pushing Rachel to reveal the secrets we know she has. We've had hints of her past already, so this might be the start of the reveal.

That being said, I had trouble staying attentive during the "reading section". It goes on for a while.

Introducing Gray as a priest should make things fun. I've been curious since Rachel initially latched on to Zack's promise to God. There's a chance that Gray disturbs or takes advantage of her beliefs. That could be cool to see.

Sounds like a convenient weapon for Rachel to use in some kind of conflict.

Anyone else wondering if the zombies are just an extension of the illusion from the first half of the episode. I'm starting to wonder if Rachel's just been standing in the same spot the entire time. Hallucinogenic drugs can be annoying plot devices.

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