Steins;Gate 0 Episode 18: The mad scientist is here

I sense that we're getting to the parts I want to see in this series, but this episode wasn't particularly great. I know it's unfair to expect a show like this to handle action scenes well, but the action in this episode was so laughable that it was ultimately distracting from what seemed like fairly emotional content. I look forward to seeing where the series goes with this, but the episode was tough to watch.

Leskinen's really showing off his training as a horror villain.

These guys haven't gotten any better at shooting main characters since last week. This guy's not even pointing his gun at Kagari. Meanwhile, Kagari's taking people's heads. How exactly does this work?

It also makes it a lot less convincing when Kagari goes down. The scene doesn't really give me the sense that she sustained a full hail of gunfire.

The fact that Leskinen's plan crosses timelines is pretty cool. The fact that he's supposed to be the embodiment of the "mad scientist" Kyouma used to be is also cool. However, I don't find Leskinen super convincing as a villain. His motivations aren't really explored, so he just comes of as a crazy person with the means to manipulate time.

Are you sure about that, Rintarou?

I wasn't a huge fan of the scene where Daru stops Suzuha from killing Leskinen. I get that Leskinen needs to survive, but the generic "you would be no better than him" line doesn't feel like it makes sense in this situation. How exactly does killing Leskinen make her as bad as him? I can see how beating him up to inflict more pain would make her as bad as him, but I don't see how killing him would...

Well, Mayuri referenced the code word that future Daru said last week. Everything is okay!

After last week's fake death, I'm not going to believe this one.

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