Angolmois - Genkou Kassenki Episode 6: Guns to the rescue!

This episode had some weird moments for me, but the show is still keeping me interested. The strategy in this episode was pretty cool, and the Mongols seem reasonably competent. I like that the episode took advantage of the disjointed nature of the invading armies. I don't really know what to make of the ending, but the episode itself seemed solid.

This general seemed really erratic to me, which almost made it seem like he was intentionally meant to be nuts as an enemy. When he mourns his allies, he immediately snaps back, which makes him seem less genuine. Also, this whole thing of trying to capture Teruhi alive seems unnecessarily creepy.

Yajirou's death seemed pretty jarring at first, but it kind of worked out as it kept going. We saw in a previous episode that Jinzaburou hated losing soldiers, so it was nice to see how he reacted to the general's death. It was especially effective after Yajirou had been built up in the previous episode. Still, his death incredibly sudden...yeesh.

I really like the idea of running the different Mongol armies into each other to force confusion. It's a great plan, and Jinzaburou backs it up with nice deductions.

I just find it a bit weird that they have to use this guy to force the plan to work. Using treasure to make the two armies fight is okay, but I was already invested in the original version of the plan. So, this improvised version may have ultimately been more effective, but it wasn't as convincing.

When did this become Dynasty Warriors?

Yes, I did.

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