Happy Sugar Life Episode 5: The inevitable confession

I should be upset at how this episode messed with my expectations, but I really enjoyed it. Satou basically spent the second half of the episode playing an incredible long con. I still wonder how this series is going to draw out the time given that the other characters seem like they've pretty much closed in on Satou. I really hope the series doesn't just waste time to pad things out.

That's...kind of a weird question.

You know, I'm strangely okay with this girl imitating Satou. Sure, she's overly obsessed, but she seems acceptable in the grand context of this series.

Well, that's one way to shut someone up.

Meanwhile, Taiyou is busted.

I'm really looking forward to the moment when Shio realizes that Satou is treating her like this too. I assuming what this line is building towards, since Satou is similarly trying to keep Shio from going outside.

I really liked how this scene played out. It spends the whole time teasing a possible confession from Satou for the murders she's committed, but it ends with the reveal that her crime was the kiss. It was a misdirection that had me totally fooled and just succeeded in making Satou even scarier.

Sure, it's not...

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