Steins;Gate 0 Episode 17: Tragedy has returned

After much meandering and a few fake outs, it seems like we're finally at the tipping point. I have my reservations about where this story is headed, but this episode really worked well. Mayuri's moments were great and really hit hard.

I was really glad to see Mayuri taking the initiative to find out about the future. Rintarou really went too far in the previous episode when he basically told her that she didn't deserve to know anything. It's basically the "I didn't tell you to protect you" trope on overdrive.

It was really hard to take this scene seriously given that we knew Suzuha had no plan.

Well said, Mayuri. I think we've all missed Hououin Kyouma.

Oh yeah...I forgot Amadeus existed. I had trouble following this one. Why would accessing Kurisu's deep memory banks have anything to do with time travel? Wasn't Amadeus taken before Kurisu met Rintarou?

Isn't it kind of defeating the purpose of this series if they solve their problem with another message from the future telling them what to do next? I thought that this series was supposed to explain Rintarou's message from the future, so it seems a bit weird to use yet another message from the future.

Oh hey, I didn't know stormtroopers were in this series.

So, we're back on this again? I know there's an emotional angle here, but I really don't like the idea of killing Mayuri again, which is why I'm hoping this is a fake. The entire reason that Rintarou chose this world line was so Mayuri could survive. If she dies anyway, it feels like a cheap motivation, since it's just getting rid of that reason.

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