Planet With Episode 5: Changing sides

This series continues to be fun to watch. We got a lot of information in this episode, and it seems like the alliances are starting to become clearer. Also, how did this episode manage to end with two cliffhangers?

I really liked the way Takeshi's origin as an alien is revealed in this episode. The old man waves away the story by saying that it was a lie, but the episode then mirrors the situation by making Souya do the same thing. When Souya tells a similar story to Nozomi, it really feels like the episode is trying to confirm that both stories are true.

The reveal about Souya's brother seemed a little bit random, but it definitely explains why he's so upset about the dragon.

Wow...that was creepier than it should have been. I guess we now know what the sealing faction is attempting to do. That clears things up.

This line about Takeshi being a "poor leader" seems to suggest that he's still a decent person. It's probably meant to foreshadow a future team-up with Takeshi and Souya.

We're no longer the bad guys?

Shiraishi's reveal was much sooner than I would have expected. This series really doesn't keep its secrets. I like that...

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