Happy Sugar Life Episode 4: Getting more dangerous

This week's episode set up another crazy person for next week, but it also seemed to hint that people were starting to investigate Satou more closely. That should make the happy sugar life a lot more fun, right? I'm having the hardest time reading where this show is going, and I think that this makes the experience more enjoyable.

Based on how distorted this guy's world view was, I was honestly expecting him to become another supporting character. But what actually happened was a lot darker than I would have expected. I thought that this was a happy show...

The fact that Taiyou survives this encounter and see Satou with Shio seems pretty interesting. I'm pretty sure that he's still destined to die when Satou finds out what he knows. However, I think it would be kind of interesting if he developed a more symbiotic relationship with Satou. For example, he could agree not to tell anyone about Shio if Satou allows him to see Shio periodically. I'm guessing that it would creep Shio out, though, so that might not be a good option.

For some reason, I don't want Satou's aunt to be the one in the murder bag. I think it's a bit too simple for things to go that way. Maybe I'm asking for too much.

Shio is lying to Satou? Cool.

It looks like people are starting to get very curious about Satou's home life. That should make things complicated.

This was a pretty good misdirection. The series suddenly focused on the other co-worker, so I assumed that she would be the crazy one. Instead, it was the other background character with fewer lines.

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