Satsuriku no Tenshi Episode 5: Some seriously complicated puzzles...

If I wasn't annoyed before this week, this episode certainly did it. While I'm willing to admit that the puzzles on this floor provide a higher level of interaction than the previous floor, the puzzles themselves have been pretty disappointing.

Regardless of my gripes with the series, I have to admit that this toss made me laugh.

Also, I respect that the episode didn't take a step backwards with this key card thing. The series could easily have introduced some gimmick where Cathy reveals that the card wasn't actually important. Instead, the main characters force their way out of the room. I'm okay with that.

The tie-in with Zack's background in this episode was admittedly interesting. I guess you could explain his wild personality with his memories of being forced to follow orders. But how did Cathy know about his past enough to recreate it in the dollhouse? Is it in his file or something? Why would the file even have that information? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the characters in this series seem overly familiar with each other.

This puzzle is easily the worst part of the episode for me. I can ignore the confusing notation (especially with the third expression on the first line), but I can't ignore the fact that Rachel clearly gets the answers wrong. Come least try to make the math cool.

Hey, I've played Portal 2 as well.

This is starting to get old.

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