Angolmois - Genkou Kassenki Episode 4: Night raids

This series is doing a good job of maintaining an interesting story. The fighting has felt a bit lacking to me compared to the first episode, but I think the rest of the series is pretty entertaining. I thought this episode did a good job of showing more of Jinzaburou's character with the hostage situation and his interactions with the soldiers after the battle.

I got the sense that I was seeing more of the fight in the first episode. In this episode, most of the fight seemed to be focused on the blood and people shouting out their war cries.

I feel like this moment was a bit weird. I'm fine with the idea of introducing the Toibarai as another faction with questionable allegiance in this fight. However, I got the sense that they were partly there to cover Jinzaburou's decision a bit. The fact that Jinzaburou chooses to prioritize his soldiers' safety rather than push to save the hostages makes for an interesting leader. The Toibarai's arrival gives him a bit of a pass, though, since he gets the opportunity to have his cake and eat it. It's not really a big deal, but I definitely had to pause there.

I still don't know whether to trust this guy or not. This scene where he brashly challenges the Mongols on his own seems to just further display his mindless tendency towards aggression. But I feel like I still should be suspicious of it.

As I recall, Jinzaburou is holding out for reinforcements in seven days. There seems to be some "divine" influence involved in this statement, so maybe it's not pure plot convenience...

This is a funny scene and all, but how effective is the grass if it's applied over a bandage? Is that too much nitpicking?

This show really likes its cliffhangers...

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