Planet With Episode 4: Running out of heroes

I'm having a lot of fun watching how the story unfolds in this series. This week's episode seemed to be pushing towards a new direction, since it seems way too early to have the bad guy reveal his master plan. Plus, the "heroes" seem to be realizing that Souya isn't so bad. I'm really curious to see where things go.

The backlash from Nezuya's illusion seems to be tamer than I expected, but I guess we still don't know what will happen to him. Poor guy...that was a pretty good illusion.

This episode really escalated things. This development seems to be a nice link back to Souya's flashbacks of a dragon, so the good guys are looking a lot less good.

I loved the delivery of this joke with the booster. I especially liked the fact that Souya also had no idea what it was.

I was going to ask when Souya would finally stop yelling "Giga Cat Hammer" all of the time, and I guess this episode delivered on that.

I can't believe this works.

Uhh...this is totally revealing Souya's name right next to an "enemy", right? Does the mask distort his name too?

Not the best plan, but I guess this seems sinister enough.

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