Happy Sugar Life Episode 3: Falling apart already?

This show's really raising the tension. I wasn't expecting Shio to get out of the apartment so quickly. It certainly makes thing interesting, but it also makes me feel like things are about to really go wrong.

The relationships between these characters seems to be developing well. I'm still not completely convinced that this is Shio's mother, but she seems like she might be the ultimate source of the vowing thing if she bridges Asahi and Shio.

There's something really creepy about the way Satou rationalizes her feelings towards Asahi. I thought it was cool since I didn't really think much of the scene until I stopped and reflected on it. Satou ends up feeling happy at the fact that her jealousy is another demonstration of her love. But if you really think about it, she's basically happy that she wanted to kill Asahi.

It's kind of intriguing that Shio's past seems to be a developing mystery. Based on this flashback, it looks like Asahi is Shio's brother who stayed behind with an abusive father to allow his mother and sister to escape. I suppose it would explain why the woman in Shio's memories seems so messed up too.

You know, I had a feeling that Taiyou would be the one to find Shio. He needs a reason to be important in the show. At this point, I'm honestly convinced that he found Shio too early in the series, so Satou will have to kill him to silence him.

Shio's name means "salt", so this line feels like it has a lot more to it. Not bad.

Taiyou is so messed up that I'm having trouble convincing myself that these random thugs aren't actually the good guys.

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