Satsuriku no Tenshi Episode 4: Video game puzzles are tough these days

This floor seems more promising than the previous floor because it has some puzzles to it, but the first puzzle we saw in this episode didn't really inspire confidence. I guess I give the floor credit for actually feeling like it has some interaction, but I question the overall direction of the series. If it's a simple "floor of the day" format with Zack acting as trap fodder for Rachel, I'm not sure I can keep it up.

After watching Eddie die with basically no character description, my main hope for this floor is to learn more about the floor masters, but we'll see.

This series is acting sillier than I would have expected, but I still like some of the lighter moments. For example, I thought this scene was great because of the way Rachel quickly nods in agreement. It's more emotion than I expect from her.

There's also something funny about how Zack holds Rachel forward as if to scout ahead.

Let's sit in the chair with obvious restraints on the arms. Great idea, Zack.

Really? Maybe this puzzle is going easy as an introduction, but I feel like destroying the dolls is a good first guess even without a hint.

I'm annoyed at this show for not going with the obvious joke here. Rachel could easily have responded to this question with "that would be fine with me". I'm getting annoyed with how this series forgets that Rachel wants to die.

I know video game puzzles aren't supposed to be super cryptic, but the fact that the "right foot" is repeated so many times in this inscription is just sad.

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