Steins;Gate 0 Episode 15: Random love advice

This episode was a pretty solid development for Daru and Suzuha. It's kind of a weird time to be doing this, but I still enjoyed the episode. And I'll admit that the photograph was a huge red herring that I completely fell for. That aside, the episode seemed to be coming back to the story at the end, so maybe things will get more tense next week.

This photo was great for multiple reasons. The small Back to the Future reference was nice, but I was legitimately scared that the series was messing with its own internal consistency in order to make that reference.

Because this series uses separate timelines, it shouldn't be possible for the faded photo effect to happen, so it's actually a really nice trick. And it couldn't happen to a better character, since Daru is the most consistent offender when it comes to relying on knowledge from the future. He has mentioned multiple times in this series that he shouldn't need to worry about creating the time machine because Suzuha has proven that he succeeds. So, it's like the episode itself is telling him that he's wrong.

Phew, the first date in this episode was really hard to watch. I know the point was to show that Yuki accepted Daru for who he was, but it's kind of a predictable point. As a result, this scene becomes even more painful to watch. What can you do?

Aww, I wanted Daru to say that he knew all along that he couldn't rely on the events in Suzuha's timeline to just happen in his timeline. Still, this scene might suggest that he really does understand that fact but chooses to hide it. I can hope, right?

The fact that the focus shifts to Rintarou's phone when he agrees to go with Leskinen makes me think it's really important that he didn't immediately go to talk with Mayuri when she asked. Please spare Mayuri.

This is a great scene, and Suzuha's memory of her mother's death is absolutely heart-wrenching to watch, but what exactly is Yuki thinking here? She shouldn't have any context, and Suzuha is just crying in her arms. Does she think Suzuha's just really happy that Daru got a girlfriend?

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