Angolmois - Genkou Kassenki Episode 3: Feeling historical

This series continues to be entertaining. It's strangely funny, and it also feels like a generally good action series. This week's episode seemed like a pretty good introduction to Jinzaburou's character. His confidence makes things interesting, and he seems to be a talented commander in a believable way.

Oh, are we supposed to be remembering all of the names from this episode? There were a bunch of them. I also found it funny that this guy talks about how bows are a hassle and immediately gets hit by an arrow.

The dynamic between the island's army and the exiles was my favorite aspect of the episode. The fact that the army refuses to look bad in front of the exiles is a great source of motivation.

I'm a bit sad that Jinzaburou's battle in this episode largely gets skipped. I want to see more military action...

Wait, this guy goes missing in the battle? I feel like I'm supposed to suspect this guy.

Whoa, what happened here?

There's no way anything happens to Teruhi, but I definitely didn't see this betrayal development coming. I get that there was tension between the army and the exiles, but this seems pretty extreme.

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