Planet With Episode 3: Faction problems

I feel bad for skipping episode 2, but these episodes feel really dense with information. This episode and the previous episode were both pretty good about explaining stuff while opening up even more questions that seem interesting. This episode also felt like it was breaking away from the string of one-on-ones that was being set up in the previous episode. I'm curious to see what comes next.

Based on this episode, it seems like humanity is setting itself on the same path as Soya's home planet. I was definitely surprised to find out that the hero squad was using the power of the dragon in the flashback since it looked like they were attacking it. The idea that Soya is trying to exact revenge on the dragon while helping Nebula's attempt to save humanity makes for an interesting dynamic.

Well, I respect that the mysterious leader can actually fight and doesn't just act as the man in the shadows.

I have no idea whether I'm supposed to take this sequence seriously or not, but it was definitely informative.

Nezuya's a bit annoying, but I liked his introduction in a more normal environment. I guess it's meant to make the ending more shocking, but it also gives his character some charm.

It seems like this scene is supposed to cast some doubt on Shiraishi, since she seems to know more than she should. There was a flash of glasses in Soya's dream, so I wonder if it's just supposed to suggest that she's working with Nebula.

I really liked this scene. The two seemed to be sharing a combined vision, but then the scenes split into separate illusions. It was a nice touch.

I'm so curious to see what happened to Nezuya in the core. The simplest explanation is just that he succumbed to his illusion, but I don't really like that idea. It just seems too easy. I think it would be more cool if Harumi accidentally forced him out of his illusion too early because she broke out of hers. It would add some "cost" to her overzealous attempt to jump in with Nezuya.

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