Happy Sugar Life Episode 2: The world is nuts

This episode managed to be even more messed up than the first episode, and I'm kind of okay with it so far. My main worry is that the "shock" of making every character crazy will wear off soon. It could be pushing the idea that everyone has some kind of abnormal mannerism or something, but it's a bit too extreme to convince me so far. As it is, it's pretty interesting, though.

The way the episode foreshadows the teacher seemed a bit sad. I like the later reveal that he made up the rumor about being single, so this conversation isn't totally wasted. However, it telegraphs his role pretty hard.

So, is every new character going to be like this? This isn't what I signed up for.

The parallels between Satou's memories of her mother and Kitaumekawa's own words were pretty good. I usually like stuff like this.

I also really like the fact that Satou's able to use the dirt she has on Kitaumekawa to blackmail him into helping her dispose of the bodies.

Okay, this is pretty cute. Still, even Shio seems to have some kind of hidden trauma. It looked like she was seeing some flashback with her own mother. No one is safe in this series.

I repeat...no one is safe in this series. I guess it's not a huge leap of logic for the guy who's frightened of older women to fall in love with a younger girl. We're in for a ride.

I'm probably overthinking things, but this scene really had me curious. The fact that this guy looking for Shio recites the same vows that Shio says to Satou makes me wonder. The simple explanation is that he's the one who first teaches Shio the vows. But I think it would be interesting if Shio manipulates people with those vows and Satou is just another "target".

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