Satsuriku no Tenshi Episode 3: Getting killed is still hard

I had a lot of trouble with this week's episode. It really didn't grab me, and I had trouble making sense of what was going on. Maybe I'm still missing some crucial context. Also, Eddie and Rachel both felt like they were beating dead horses in this episode, with Eddie's weird obsession with Rachel and Rachel's continued obsession with dying. I hope the next floor switches things up a bit, because Eddie really wasn't that convincing.

As much as I got annoyed with Eddie in this episode, I have to sympathize with him on one thing in particular. Why exactly is Rachel so hesitant to allow him to kill her? She doesn't seem to have any specific stipulations about how she wants to die, so it feels like it would benefit her if she accepts Eddie's offer (even if it's a lie).

So, what? Was Rachel just waiting for Zack to say the magic word all of this time? Was she okay with the first person she met until someone mentioned God? Her devotion to "God" was somewhat suggested last week, but I'm still not convinced that this line should be enough to convince her. I'm willing to say that this is just an aspect of Rachel that will likely be explained later, though. We'll see.

I still think it's interesting that these people seem to know each other so well, as I briefly mentioned last week. This is the piece that still intrigues me.

I'm okay with this.

I'll give Rachel credit for this. It was starting to look like her only useful feature in this exchange was the fact that Eddie was obsessed with her, so I'm glad she eventually contributes to his death in a proactive way.

We get it. You want to die. Chill...

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