Steins;Gate 0 Episode 14: And we're back

Back after the break, this week's episode was really entertaining to watch. It felt like the events of the episode messed with my expectations, and I respect that. Also, it really felt like a lot of things were happening in this episode. It seems like the series is laying out its endgame plan, so I'm pretty curious to see what comes next.

Maho somewhat overcoming her inferiority complex in this episode was pretty nice. I just got the sense that it was less dramatic than I expected. It's possible that her change isn't completed yet, so I'll give it some time.

I guess I'm supposed to be suspicious of this girl too with her frequent hospital trips.

The timing of Leskinen's return to Japan seems a bit convenient given Kagari's attack later in the episode. I almost didn't notice it because of how the episode started with a few months of time skip.

I really wasn't expecting Suzuha's shower trick to get the drop on Kagari, but it was a cool switch. I still wonder how Kagari knew when to enter the lab. Is it as simple as hidden cameras?

I think I would have been more upset if this act from Kagari actually worked on Suzuha. However, Daru ends up being the distraction that allows Kagari to escape, which didn't bother me as much.

Well, this makes things interesting.

Okay, this reveal felt a little weird. I would have been fine if Suzuha was simply putting the pieces together, but she makes the Professor out to be such a big deal. It makes it harder to believe that she just forgot about him.

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